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As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with extensive experience at Gallup, I'm dedicated to helping you tap into your unique strengths for extraordinary results.

My goal is to empower you to reach your full potential, enhancing both your personal and professional life.
I provide personalised coaching using Gallup's strengths-based approach, focusing on your individual needs and aspirations.

My approach isn't just about skill development; it's about aligning your actions with your inherent strengths, leading to greater productivity, fulfilment, and well-being.

I'm here to support your journey, whether you're an aspiring leader, entrepreneur, or someone seeking personal growth. Let's unlock your potential and elevate your success together.

Book a complimentary consultation and let's start this transformative journey.

Prince Rajput


SOKA Strengths Consulting


Our customers love us

"I am incredibly grateful for Prince's guidance. Their expertise in Clifton Strengths Coaching helped me recognize my unique strengths and channel them towards achieving my goals. The sessions were enlightening and empowering, leading to positive changes in my life."

- Puja Ashok Singh

"I highly recommend Prince for Clifton Strengths Coaching. Their ability to unravel strengths and provide actionable strategies is exceptional. Through his coaching, I've harnessed my strengths to enhance productivity and overall satisfaction in my work and relationships."

- Tammanna Rajpoot

"Working with Prince was a game-changer for me. Their personalised approach to Clifton Strengths Coaching helped me understand and embrace my strengths. The insights gained have been invaluable, guiding me towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life."

- Rishi Jairath

Helping you achieve greatness

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1-1 Coaching

Unlock your unique strengths and achieve your highest potential with personalised one-on-one Gallup Strengths coaching.

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Manager Coaching

Empowering managers, leaders and executives with personalised Gallup Strengths coaching to unlock your leadership potential and lead a Strengths-based team.

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Team Coaching

Unlock your team’s full potential with tailored Gallup Strengths Coaching for collaborative success, leveraging each others strengths.


What is the GallupStrengths® Coaching Program?

The Gallup Strengths Coaching Program is a personalized development process that focuses on identifying and optimising an individual’s unique talents using the CliftonStrengths® assessment. This program helps individuals understand their natural strengths and teaches them how to leverage these strengths in both personal and professional settings.


How much does GallupStrengths® Coaching cost?

Our pricing varies based on the program length and specific services included. We offer a range of options from individual sessions to comprehensive team packages. For detailed pricing information, see our services page.

What is CliftonStrengths®, and how is it used in the coaching process?

CliftonStrengths®, formerly known as StrengthsFinder, is an assessment tool developed by Gallup. It identifies an individual’s top talents from a list of 34 themes. In our coaching process, we use your CliftonStrengths results to help you understand and apply your unique talents effectively, enhancing productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction.

What kind of results can I expect from GallupStrengths® Coaching?

Our clients often experience increased self-awareness, improved team dynamics, enhanced communication skills, and greater job satisfaction. They learn to capitalise on their strengths and manage their weaknesses more effectively, leading to improved performance and goal achievement. Many also report a significant positive impact on their personal lives.


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