Chinese electric car giant BYD launches its popular Han sedan in the Middle East

BYD's Electrifying Debut: Redefining UAE's Automotive Horizon with the Han Sedan

Justin Ashley By Justin Ashley 3 Min Read

Voters Aren’t Believing in Bidenomics

Economic perceptions are hurting Biden more than everThere was little good news for President Biden in the latest Times/Siena poll of 2024 battlegrounds, which found him trailing Donald Trump in

14 Min Read
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Federal regulators want to force Starbucks to reopen 23 stores

Beyond the Gridiron: Unveiling the charming story of Ben Herbstreit, the furry sensation of College GameDay. From sideline strolls to behind-the-scenes antics, Ben's journey as Kirk Herbstreit's faithful companion is

2 Min Read

Chinese electric car giant BYD launches its popular Han sedan in the Middle East

BYD's Electrifying Debut: Redefining UAE's Automotive Horizon with the Han Sedan

3 Min Read

Biden Completes Significant Review of Federal Regulations

The Biden administration has overhauled how the federal government assesses the costs and benefits of regulations and some government spending programs, paving the way for more aggressive efforts to combat

7 Min Read

Lawmakers are renewing calls to ban TikTok after allegations of anti-Israel content

TikTok is back in Washington's crosshairs, with Republican lawmakers renewed calls to ban the popular short-form video app amid accusations that it amplifies pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel videos through its powerful

6 Min Read

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You can now use AI in Google to help you with your holiday shopping. This way

Smarter Shopping, Happier Holidays: Google's AI-Powered Tools Transform Your Gift Hunt and Fashion Exploration This Holiday Season.

By David Johnson 4 Min Read

How the Rollettes Dance Team Created a Sisterhood for Women with Disabilities

'Transforming Spaces' is a series about women driving change in sometimes unexpected places.When Chelsie Hill

10 Min Read

British economy is stagnating as high interest rates take their toll

Deeper into the numbers: the housing market is dragging back as interest

4 Min Read

Citigroup considers deep job cuts for CEO Jane Fraser’s overhaul, called ‘Project Bora Bora’

CEO of Citigroup Jane Fraser testifies during a hearing before the House

8 Min Read

WeWork, once valued at $47 billion, files for bankruptcy

The WeWork logo is displayed outside of a shared commercial office space

4 Min Read


Considering JFK’s Legacy

Decoding JFK: Unveiling the Intrigues of a President's Legacy with Sara Causey

By Mike 7 Min Read

The Best New TV Shows and Movies to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, Max and More for the Week of November 6

With Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Max, Paramount+, Netflix, Peacock, Discovery+, Starz and even more streaming services, there’s no shortage of options when choosing what to binge-watch in your free time. However,

Meta’s latest threat report shows the risk of Chinese influence campaigns ahead of the election

Meta's alert: China's growing influence in online disinformation. Insights on emerging threats and AI challenges, exclusively on New York Business Times

Jeff Bezos is ‘aggressively’ selling more Amazon stock again on Tuesday after unloading shares last week, sources say

Emma McIntyre | Getty Images Entertainment | getty images Jeff Bezos is expected to be "aggressive" in selling more shares Amazon On Tuesday, sources told David Faber. Sources told Faber

Decrease in inflation in Britain has increased the possibility of rate cuts and has shocked the market.

London, UK - September 2021: People are seen eating outside in Soho, London in September 2021. Sopa Images | LightRocket | getty images LONDON – UK inflation fell more than

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Rudy Aouizrat: The Maestro of Unexpected Business Victories

In the ruthless world of business law, where every case can become the stage for a real strategic battle, Rudy

3 Min Read

In the tech rivalry with the US, China lags on a key asset: its own OpenAI

People learn about Baidu's artificial intelligence chatbot service Ernie Bot during the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo at the Hangzhou

11 Min Read

Daniel C. Lynch, founder of major computer exhibition, dies at 82

Daniel C. Lynch, a computer network engineer whose demonstrations on networking devices helped accelerate the commercialization of the Internet in

6 Min Read

Aaron Rodgers and a VP quote that never happened: ‘It would have been really interesting’

The mere possibility of the pairing had already served its purpose – driving the news cycle, stoking speculation, drumming up

14 Min Read

Welcome to Yung Frost: A Journey Through NYC’s Vibrant Culture

Welcome to Yung Frost, your gateway to the beating heart of New York City's vibrant culture and music scene! Step

3 Min Read

When Your Landlord Bats Leadoff: The Insular, Clandestine World of Baseball Real Estate

Unveiling the dynamic housing market of baseball players, where nomadic lifestyles intersect with unique housing solutions to create a transient

9 Min Read

Signos uses a glucose monitor patch and AI to help you eat healthier. Here’s what it’s like

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Signos: Unveiling insights into metabolic health, CGM usage, and lifestyle adjustments.

21 Min Read

How Trump’s Justice Department derailed an investigation of a major company

Unraveling the Caterpillar Tax Probe: Legal Drama and Political Influence

13 Min Read



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