Zac Efron Describes His ‘Shocking’ Physical Transformation for ‘Iron Claw’ Role (Exclusive)

For his extensive role in The Iron Clawstar Zac Efron brought legendary and groundbreaking pro wrestler Kevin Von Erich to life on the big screen - a challenge that truly

By Jaslene Krupa 3 Min Read

‘The Marvels’ New Trailer Confirms Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie Return

The latest trailer for the MCU's upcoming team-up epic confirms one super-cameo! The Marvels' final trailer featured a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance from Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie.Marvel fans last saw Valkyrie in Thor: Love

By Kim Alexis 4 Min Read
Musk threatens ‘thermonuclear lawsuit’ against media watchdog, calls advertisers ‘oppressors’

Elon Musk lashed out at big advertisers and media watchdog group Media

5 Min Read
Unity shares fall as the company posts a revenue loss and skips guidance

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Redhat. Adam Jeffery | CNBCUnity software Shares fell

4 Min Read
Apple will pay $25 million toward the DOJ’s discrimination settlement

Apple CEO Tim Cook listens as President Joe Biden speaks during a

3 Min Read
Shares of ed-tech company 2U plummet nearly 60% to fall below $1 on Nasdaq

Shares of an online education company 2H fell about 60% to below

4 Min Read

Tennis’ top women say the sport is broken. This is why

For the better part of a decade, Tatjana Maria, the

12 Min Read

How love, Warriors basketball and poetry brought Tom Meschery back

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The poet has been upstairs in his

27 Min Read

Michigan says Purdue, Ohio State, Rutgers decoded, shared Wolverines signs: sources

Michigan has informed the Big Ten and the NCAA that

8 Min Read

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is being sued for $1 billion by people who bought his NFTs

Crypto Controversy: Ronaldo's $1 Billion Lawsuit Unraveled at New York

10 Min Read

States say Meta’s millions of underage users were an ‘open secret’

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is under intense scrutiny as 33 states file a legal complaint accusing it of neglecting the privacy and safety of underage users on its platform. The lawsuit reveals alarming statistics, stating that Meta received

4 Min Read

401(k), IRA balances decline for older Millennials, younger Gen Xers during pandemic. here’s why

New research indicates a surprising decline in retirement balances for midcareer workers, even amid market upswings. Delve into the findings from the Center for Retirement Research, examining the intricate factors

By Justin Ashley 5 Min Read
Changpeng Zhao speaks out after pleading guilty to criminal charges and appoints Richard Teng as new CEO of Binance

Navigating Turbulent Tides: Binance's Leadership Shift and the Road Ahead

3 Min Read
Startup Li Auto beats Tesla’s EV sales in China

According to the China Passenger Car Association, Chinese startup Li

3 Min Read
A case of gold fever: Newz Wealth is seeing a record rise

Gold's Resilience: Riding High on December's Traditions and Future Predictions

3 Min Read
Chinese electric car giant BYD launches its popular Han sedan in the Middle East

BYD's Electrifying Debut: Redefining UAE's Automotive Horizon with the Han

3 Min Read
‘The Fall Guy’ Trailer: Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt Get Action in Hilarious New Thriller

Ryan Gosling And Emily Blunt get some action in the upcoming comedy-thriller,

2 Min Read
Jeremy Allen White Reacts to SAG-AFTRA Strike Deal on ‘The Iron Claw’ Red Carpet (Exclusive)

Jeremy Allen White had an incredible reaction when he heard the 118-day

4 Min Read
‘Mean Girls’: Everything We Know About the New Adaptation of the Beloved Teen Comedy

Get in, losers, there's a new one Mean girls movie coming!On Wednesday,

11 Min Read
Tom Holland shares what he would have to do to play Spider-Man again

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Future: Navigating Legacy, Love, and Storytelling in the Web

3 Min Read

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Charlie Hunnam Reveals He Was Almost Anakin Skywalker in ‘Star Wars’ (Exclusive)

Behind the Scenes: Charlie Hunnam's Audition for Anakin Skywalker and the Star Wars Casting Odyssey

By Jaslene Krupa 3 Min Read
A meteoric rise in worker health costs has slowed — but they’re already ‘egregious,’ advisor says

Morsa Images | Digitalvision | Getty ImagesCosts for some key health insurance

6 Min Read
Apple issues cautious revenue outlook for the holiday quarter. How to play the stock

Market Movers rounded up the latest reactions to Apple from investors and

1 Min Read


How Microsoft’s Satya Nadella kept the ‘best bromance in tech’ alive

The tech world was recently witness to a seismic shift

Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses look good and work well if you want a camera on your face

Ray-Ban Meta Headliner Smart Glasses. meta

Nvidia unveils its latest high-end chip, the H200, for training AI models

Nvidia President Jensen Huang holds a

Rudy Aouizrat: The Maestro of Unexpected Business Victories

In the ruthless world of business law, where every case can become the stage for a real strategic battle, Rudy

3 Min Read

In the tech rivalry with the US, China lags on a key asset: its own OpenAI

People learn about Baidu's artificial intelligence chatbot service Ernie Bot during the 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo at the Hangzhou

11 Min Read

Daniel C. Lynch, founder of major computer exhibition, dies at 82

Daniel C. Lynch, a computer network engineer whose demonstrations on networking devices helped accelerate the commercialization of the Internet in

6 Min Read

Aaron Rodgers and a VP quote that never happened: ‘It would have been really interesting’

The mere possibility of the pairing had already served its purpose – driving the news cycle, stoking speculation, drumming up

14 Min Read

Welcome to Yung Frost: A Journey Through NYC’s Vibrant Culture

Welcome to Yung Frost, your gateway to the beating heart of New York City's vibrant culture and music scene! Step

3 Min Read

When Your Landlord Bats Leadoff: The Insular, Clandestine World of Baseball Real Estate

Unveiling the dynamic housing market of baseball players, where nomadic lifestyles intersect with unique housing solutions to create a transient

9 Min Read

Signos uses a glucose monitor patch and AI to help you eat healthier. Here’s what it’s like

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Signos: Unveiling insights into metabolic health, CGM usage, and lifestyle adjustments.

21 Min Read

How Trump’s Justice Department derailed an investigation of a major company

Unraveling the Caterpillar Tax Probe: Legal Drama and Political Influence

13 Min Read

How love, Warriors basketball and poetry brought Tom Meschery back

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The poet has been upstairs in his office, tapping at the keyboard on various projects. Most of

27 Min Read

Why should Google be worried by Walmart’s quick success in generative AI search?

From Walmart to Google: Navigating the AI-Powered Future of Retail and Search

3 Min Read

Rudy Aouizrat: The Art of Victory through Respect and Strategy

At the pinnacle of the global legal sphere, Rudy Aouizrat stands out not only for his exceptional academic journey, with

3 Min Read

Influencer Marketing: Navigating Changes in Consumer Behavior and Social Media Platforms

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on influential individuals rather than thetarget market as a whole. It

5 Min Read

Venture capital firm’s plan to buy nonprofit hospital system has Ohio community on edge

Dr. Marc Harrison, who's now CEO of HATCo, speaking at the Healthy Returns conference in New York City on May

19 Min Read

IRS Taxpayer Experience Officer Says Open Your Mail Early

Unless you make a lot of money, the Internal Revenue Service is in a charm offensive position. After a multiyear

10 Min Read

How should broadcasting deal with the court uproar? On the line between documenting and glamorizing

During his three-decade career as a prominent ESPN play-by-play broadcaster, Dave Pasch says he's been on the mic for two

12 Min Read